Hi, I'm Heather! I'm an award-winning photographer and art director. For over 15 years, Iโ€™ve been merging my skills to create highly conceptual visual work, rich in both pop culture context and character.

It was inevitable that I would become a creative professional. As the daughter of a seasoned photojournalist, creative storytelling is in my blood. Born and raised in Ontario, I studied Photography at Sheridan College and Communications Design at Seneca @ York before arriving in Calgary, Alberta, my current home base.

Iโ€™ve worked in ad agencies and design firms, art directing campaigns and editorial content from start to finish. Now at the helm of my own busy namesake company, most of my work consists of creative photography, art direction and video direction/production for musicians and artists, while fashion photography and creative portraiture remain staples in my commercial work.

A few career highlights so far include winning a Gold Photography Award for 'Au Vieux Fanal' from the Rooms for Tourists project at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Awards, and publishing The Building Project, my first grant-funded photo book. In 2019, I co-curated an all-female photography exhibition called The Female Lens which debuted at The Christine Klassen Gallery for the Alberta Exposure Photography Festival.

I am looking for representation. If you are a photography agent, or know someone who is, please email me at the link below :)

Idle Eyes Collective

In the summer of 2020, I co-founded Idle Eyes Collective, a photography studio & gallery space in Calgary, Alberta. Our focus is on promoting unique and emerging voices in contemporary photography through studio practice, gallery exhibitions, community events, and workshops. Together weโ€™re creating new work, building resources, sharing skills and fostering a creative, inclusive space that gives back to our community and members.

โ˜…  Get in touch! heather@heathersaitz.com  โ˜…

Select Clients

Avenue Magazine / BMW Canada / Calgary Herald / Canadian Union of Public Employees / Concorde Entertainment / HGTV / Hillberg & Berk / Land-See NYC / Monitor Creative / Press + Post / Quill & Quire Magazine / Ryerson Review of Journalism / Swerve Magazine / Uppercase Magazine / Western Living Magazine / Westjet Magazine / Y Public Art


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